ÖRG's Mission

ÖRG's mission is to conduct impactful application driven research at the intersection of high energy multiphase flows, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, and optimization and control of multiphase flow processes.

ÖRG strives to:

  • develop novel experimental and computational research tools for studying complex energetic multiphase flow phenomena,

  • leverage the research tools for studying a broad range of topics including but not limited to spray based additive manufacturing technologies (e.g., cold spray),

  • develop novel particulate processing equipment and technologies including but not limited to processing of novel materials,

  • study in-situ and ex-situ multimodal sensing, monitoring, and process qualification methods to couple with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for physics informed process monitoring and control,

  • develop new AM based applications and qualification and standardization procedures,

  • disseminate knowledge to the scientific and engineering community, engage in undergraduate and graduate education, and inspire our next generation through outreach activities that are geared towards individuals with a wide range of backgrounds.

ÖRG Vision

ÖRG's vision is to become a go-to resource for studying high energy multiphase flow phenomena via novel in-house experimental and computational tools; and to develop novel spray based advanced AM technologies that will become a part of our future intelligent manufacturing floors to stimulate distributed, equitable, and resilient manufacturing schemes.