Leading Innovation in Kinetic Particle Deposition

ÖRG is active in building multiphysics and multiscale models and building innovative experimental platforms for the development of processes for high-throughput additive manufacturing using kinetic particle deposition (KPD). KPD enables the solid-state deposition of microscale particles by means of kinetic impact energy achived through the acceleration of particles in supersonic spray nozzles.

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Studying the physics pertaining to the motion of particulates in high velocity turbulent multiphase flows.

High Reynolds number jet impingement Phenomena

Understanding the physics of high Reynolds number supersonic impinging jets and their interactions with flat and featured surfaces. Development heat transfer models to represent unique flow regimes.

Process Quality Assurance & Control

  • Standardization of powder feedstock characterization methods for predictable spray procedures.

  • Nondestructive of AM Products

  • Development of training programs and educational materials for engineers & technicians

Predictability and Reliability of Flow Based AM Processes

  • Wear & clog resistant nozzles.

  • In-situ sensory systems and machine learning algorithms

  • High-fidelity CFD and heat transfer models for accurately simulating Cold Spray, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, and Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing for machine process optimization

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Laser Assisted Cold Spray Video.m4v

Novel Applications

Novel applications research including but not limited to:

  • Cold spray nozzles for coating large surface areas at enhanced manufacturing rates.

  • Cold spray process development for metallization of hard surfaces (e.g., ceramics) for use in power electronics.

  • Multiphase material systems.

Methods for 3D Printing and Repair in CS

  • Development of models for predicting nature of deposition

  • Integration of models in learning schemes for toolpath optimization.

  • Development of methods for CS metal deposition on featured surfaces (e.g., inner and outer corners).

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ÖRG is thankful to the following colleagues from Northeastern University for their past and continued support in its mission for makeing impactful research possible.

  • Sinan Muftu (Solid Mechanics, FEM)

  • Teiichi Ando (Powder Metallurgy)

  • Andrew Gouldstone (Materials, NDT)

  • Xiaoning Jin (AI/ML)

  • Taskin Padir (Robotics)

  • Mohammad Taslim (Thermofluids)

  • Sagar Kamarthi (Cyber Security)

  • Casper Harteveld (Virtual Reality)

  • Mohsen Moghaddam (Augmented Reality)

  • Krassi Machev (Education)

  • Northeastern University, Kostas Research Institute, Burlington MA

  • Northeastern University, Roux Institute, Portland MA

ÖRG is thankful its sponsors for their continued support in its mission for impactful research.