Open Positions

Hiring in following areas

  • Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Position (this position has been filled): Currently probing interest of individuals who are interested in a postdoctoral research position to conduct research in cold spray and wire arc additive manufacturing. Experience in computational fluid dynamics, multiphsyics modeling and simulation, and hands on research is highly desired.

  • M.S. Research Assistants: M.S. students who have some experience and interested in computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, additive manufacturing, materials, and robotics are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Ozdemir by filling out the form below. M.S. positions are generally short-term to start with and the positions are more commonly reserved for current Northeastern University students or Northeastern University students who have been accepted to the M.S. program.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistants: B.S. students who are Interested in computational and hands-on research projects particularly in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, additive manufacturing, materials, and nondestructive testing should reach out to Dr. Ozdemir via this form.

Important Note: Candidates interested in postdoctoral research will need to apply for the position via Northeastern University's career website. Graduate students who are currently not a part of Northeastern University will also need to apply to Northeastern University's graduate program. This form is intended to provide a preliminary compatibility assessment between candidates and Dr. Ozdemir prior to a more involved application process.